Suspension Offroad Whoops and Sand

The same basics apply to off-road whoops, as motocross whoops.
The only difference is that you will need your bike to work in the whoops, as well as the off-road environment. This can get tricky, because you are dealing with two different extremes. It is up to the rider to decide how stiff to run the suspension.  

     If you have stock moto suspension, as a starting point, set your compression and rebound adjusters to the "as soft as I can stand" setting that you came up with for hard-pack moto. This basically means that your suspension will be as soft as possible, while still being safe.

    If this is too soft for the whoops you encounter, stiffen your compression adjusters slightly stiffer. You may also want to stiffen your rebound adjusters slightly, if any swapping or bouncing is prevalent. When doing this, you will lessen the suspension's performance in the woods.

A revalve is the only good option.

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