Suspension Price List

Ride Concept MX and Offroad Performance Revalve

Includes complete Precision Rebuild Forks and Shock, all internal modifications including the installation of RCI pistons and

with your customized valving spec from RCI head technician, includes shims, oil and nitrogen.   All other parts extra i.e.

Springs seals, bushings. Pricing is for Suspension supplied removed from bike. Extra $75.00 minimum will apply to remove

from your bike.

Complete Revalve Package                                                   $899.00****

Did you know?
Once a revalve service is completed, any additional valving adjustments are made at no additional charge when you components
are in for service!

Precision Rebuild.

Includes complete dis-assembly, cleaning of internal parts, and inspection for wear, new high performance

suspension fluids and nitrogen charging. All other parts extra i.e. seals, bushings. 

Pricing is for Suspension supplied removed from your bike.  Extra labour cost may apply to remove from your bike.

Fork Rebuild                                                                            $ 109.00

Shock Rebuild                                                                         $   79.00

Package doing both Forks and shock SAVE !!!

*Some exceptions, plus parts if needed.


Additional Suspension Services

We Recommend 20 hour service intervals to maintain performance and prevent wear.

Oil changes include: Oil, Nitrogen. All other parts are extra i.e: Springs, seal, bushings and repairs.

This service is used with free revalve.


Fork Oil Change                                                                         $ 79.00-99.00

Shock Oil Change                                                                      $ 69.00-89.00

*Some exceptions, plus parts if needed.


Fork Lowering                                                                Custom work Please call

Shock Lowering                                                             Custom work Please call



Same day with appointment only                                             +$125.00

Next day with appointment only                                                +$ 95.00

Removal/install Suspension                                                     +$ 75.00 min $99/hr.                                      

Repair Labour Rate                                                                  +$ 99.00/hr.                                      

Machine Shop Services                                                            +$119.00 up /hr.                                      


Consultation Service (1 hr Minimum)                                       +$ 89.00/hr.      

Consultation Service is an opportunity for riders to learn how their suspension system’s internal components work and how they

affect the chassis and vehicle handling characteristics.

Proper initial setup, adjustment procedures, and maintenance intervals are also discussed.


 ****Excess shim charges apply to some revalves. Most RCI revalves require approx 25 new shims that are included in pricing, (approx $60.00 in value), however some bikes require MANY MANY MORE, so excess shim charges apply. This depends on each production run of suspension and is usually unknown until each set is disassembled to be revalved. There is no way of knowing until that time. Worst case scenario would be an extra $60.00 for an OEM setup. Changing a previously revalved set up can need even more.


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