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Designed as an aggressive mud tire, the SlingShot is also quite capable in most any terrain. The wide open tread has excellent self-cleaning, each lug offers better bite to and from the mud pit. and will not jar the fillings out of your teeth.

25x8x12 and 25x10x12 Set AT $349.96  17mm  LUG
25x8x12 and 25x10x12 Set XT $369.96  25mm   LUG
26x9x12 and 26x11x12 Set XT $409.96  26mm  LUG
27x9x12 and 27x11x12 Set XT $429.96  26mm  LUG
26X9X14 and 26X11X14 Set XT $419.96 26mm LUG




Just released is the new STI Outback Max tire is an expansion of the Outback tire lineup. According to STI, the Outback Max delivers measurable performance gains over existing mud tires. The new Outback Max tires are available in three sizes: 30/10-14;  $851.96. in stock ! 31/10-15;  $949.96. a set of 4 Due in July.32/10-17.  $999.96.a set of 4 Due in July In all three true-to-measure sizes, STI says the Outback Max uses an 8-ply rated carcass that allows low-psi operation, superior flotation, and the durability riders demand, while keeping the weight competitive. The aggressive tread pattern features center lugs measuring 1.5 inches deep, with 2.0-inch deep lugs at the shoulders. These lugs are built with a stepped-base design intended to minimizes flex across the tire’s tread, maximizing traction and tire strength.



ITP's LATEST TIRE.  1.5" LUG !  Light weight and Reasonably Priced !!
        The taller, brawnier Mega Mayhem features an even more aggressive 1.5-inch-deep lug for ferocious bite. Unique tread pattern behaves well on harder surfaces. Lightweight 6-ply carcass delivers exceptional acceleration, braking characteristics and well balanced

cornering traits. Sized for most popular 4x4/utility ATVs and side-by-side UTVs

27x9x12 / 27x11x12 Set $569.96

27x9x14 / 27x11x14 Set $609.99

28x9x12 / 28x11x12 Set $649.96

28x9x14 / 28x11x14 Set $669.96

30X9X14 / 30X10X14 Set $799.96





Sedona Buzz Saw R/T Radial Rear Tire
New from Sedona Tire & Wheel is the Buzz Saw R/T radial ATV/UTV tire. The Buzz Saw R/T features lightweight, radial construction that’s very stable for larger ATVs and all UTVs. 
Buzz Saw R/T lasts a long time, rides smooth and quiet, and offers great traction.

26x9x14 Front with 26x11x14 Rear Set $499.96

Other Sizes 25" and 26" on 12" Available






One of the best selling tires because they work! Aggressive All Terrain tire for all conditions- mud, snow and hard pack. A Super Strong 6 Ply construction for longer wear and rugged durability! A Step-down tread pattern adds to the lug strength, and helps in reverse having more edges to grip terrain. Great steering, cornering and stability for a VERY smooth ride.
25x8x12 with 25x10x12         $379.96
26x10x12 with 26x12x12       $549.96
27x10x12 with 27x12x12       $569.96
28x10x12 with 28x10x12       $649.96
29.5x10x12 with 29.5x10x12 $709.96







Rims from ITP, STI, Sedona, Moose, Motorsport Alloy and more. 

Check out Kijiji Saskatoon in the ATV "OTHER" section for full descriptions and pricing.  Hundreds in stock in 12 and 14" for all models.    



Call about our other Tire Specials:

Swamplites, SilverBack X-lites, Rip-Saw, Buzz-Saw. All other brands available at Awesome pricing. Fast service and fast installation available.






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